Bright starl 200pcs/box Large Size Premium Fishhooks


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Package Included: 200pcs/lot

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Brand:Bright starl
Size:10# 30pcs
12# 30pcs
14# 30pcs
15# 30pcs
16# 20pcs
18# 20pcs
20# 20pcs
22# 20pcs
200pcs fishing hooks in a plastic box.
High carbon steel construction for strength and durability.
Features a barb for secure hold.
The barb was designed to lock fish retreat and let the fish have nowhere to go.
High quality angler gear for all types of fishers which will significantly.
It is an indispensable sharp weapon for fishing big fish.

Package Included: 200pcs/lot

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4.8 ounces ()

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Bright starl


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